Terms and Conditions of Personal Web Pages

Personal Web Pages on TCENet are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose or support any commercial activity. Commercial activity is defined as, but not limited to, offering a product, service, commercial banners, promoting an organization or affiliation of anything that might possibly contribute to generating an income.

The content of the TCENet Personal Web Pages you create may not contain pornography, any material that violates any laws, regulations or prohibitions of any local, state or Federal governments or Agencies, or of any international treaty. TCE disclaims all liability for the contents of these pages, which are the sole responsibility of the respective account holders who upload them. Illegal materials may not be uploaded to this server. This includes but is not limited to: incitements to commit criminal acts or materials published in violation of copyright law.

You may not misuse copyrighted materials, misappropriate trade and other distinguishing marks or use content that violates protected trade secrets, patents or intellectual property rights.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless TCE Internet Services against any and all allegations, claims, expenses, liability or suits threatened, made, or brought in relation to or arising from the creation and/or publication of your TCE Personal Web Page.

Any TCE Personal Web Page that exceeds 50 Megabytes of transfers in a single month, will be disabled. TCE reserves the right to remove your TCE Personal Web Page for any reason whatsoever at any time.

Personal web page design, FTP transfer to the server, and training for such is the sole responsibility of the account holder. TCE will not assist in accomplishing these tasks for you.