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Hello, Greetings and welcome to my personal home page!

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More about ME, and various beliefs.

* Who is this clown anyways??

I am a graduate of
SUNY Alfred State College, where I earned an A.A.S. Degree in Computer Information Systems (Micro Option).

With this wealth of knowledge, I custom build computers (of the intel & compatable 80x86 flavor), set up networks, write custom programs (C and Assembler), and play with various operating systems (Os/2 Warp, FreeBSD, and VMS), and am also an ISP. Soon I hope to be getting more into electronics so I can start building my own hardware.

Well, I left Las Vegas and the Network Engineer job at ISAT Network, and moved back to NY. Once again, I'm at Alfred State College in the phone office taking care of telecommunications for the College.
Oh, and while I was in Vegas, I met up with this whacko, Brad.

I also maintain The Circuit's Edge which serves Sandy Creek, NY. I started this ISP back in 1996 almost just for the "fun" of it. It has since grown tremendously!

* Projects
Ahhh, I almost ALWAYS have something up my sleeve.. gotta make things interesting!! (grin) anyway, heres a few things I'm working on.

Kelmark GT

I've always liked unique cars, and just recently found a Kelmark GT. This car is a "kit car". Usually, its a VW Bug, with a different body, and some other slight modifications. The one I found went a little furthor. Insted of sticking with the rear VW engine, someone decided to put a Mazda rotary engine in, and mounted it as a MID engine (so its located in front of the back axels). I'm hoping I can get this running, and if I dont really like it, I'll sell it, and continue my quest for a Delorean! In case you are wonder what a Kelmark GT looks like, take a look at This. Of course mine isnt in as good condition... (grin) follow the link for more pics, and info.

I run a BBS called "The Circuit's Edge". I've been running this since '93 or so. Before that, I ran TCE in College for a year, and also ran The Sanitarium BBS in Dayton, Ohio for about 2 years.

Due to the fact that there was basically no way to get on internet from Sandy Creek, NY where the BBS was, I decided to do something about it. So we setup the system for Internet Service Provision! We have put Sandy Creek on the internet map finally! The only problem is that there are alot of people who do not really know whats going on, and have a hard time seeing how various programs work. So it ends up taking ALOT of time setting people up, and making sure thier systems work if something happens, or if they decide to mess with things. Oh well, such is life, eh?

I hadda buncha stuff here before.. hmm.. what was it about? any ideas? Hmm.. maybe check out my thoughts on Health that should be interesting, since I'm rather the unhealthy person myself.

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