The Circuit's Edge Internet Services is located in Sandy Creek, NY.
TCE is an Internet Web Hosting and Email service provider.

Rates & Services:
Email Services
Single IMAP Mailbox:$60/year
5-10 IMAP Mailboxes:$40/Month
11-25 IMAP Mailboxes:$75/Month
26-50 IMAP Mailboxes:$140/Month
51-100 IMAP Mailboxes:$250/Month
Hosting Services
Commercial websites (up to 20MB):$20/month or $180/yrwww.yourname.com
Including Email Server,
Web Statistics, and DNS service
$20/month or $180/yr + $20 setupwww.yourname.com
Additional Web space:$100 per 1GB/month
Combination & Miscellaneous Services
Domain Registration$18/year.com, .net, .org
Website DesignClick Here

Operators of The Circuit's Edge:
System Administrator (new accounts, support): Send Email
Network Engineer: Send Email

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